The Four Fundamentals Forces of Leadership Workshop

A Workshop for Leaders

What Makes One Leader Better than Another?

The best leaders get it - in order to get the top performance, each task needs to be completed with a little know.

The worst leaders don’t get it - they focus on just hitting targets, appropriately set or not, and having things done their way - the "right" way.

We’ve all interacted with both types of leaders. And, frankly, most of us have probably been both types of leaders. Ouch.

This workshop gets to the heart of the ways we can be that little bit more more of the time, with greater levels of The Four Fundamental Forces of Leadership - Love, Respect, Service and Fun. It sets the baseline for understanding how people practice those four forces and how you can adjust your processes so that you can be a better leader every single day.


As a basketball coach, I consistently see teams and players struggle to win, even when their will is strong, so I started asking the question - what’s different about winning teams and players? Are they faster or more talented? Do they put in more practice time? Do they have better strategies or drills?

The answer is maybe, but most teams do these things and are getting about the same results. Strategies and drills aren’t the game-changers. The big difference is the way they do the work and the way they show up every single day.

What happens in sport is the same as in business.

The Basics of The Four Fundamental Forces of Leadership

The leaders that do this best start with an understanding of who they are and how they Love themselves, others, the mission, process, etc. 

Then, they strive to look at things differently, to find the nuances and mutations that transform.

They do this with the mindset of serving themselves, others, customers, etc. so they can become successful. 

Finally, they perform each task and engage in every interaction with more fun and joy, opening themselves and others up to possibilties.

How Does It Work for Your Team?

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“Erik’s way of connecting Service with accountability and how I can practice it really made sense to me.”

Marc Ohmann - CEO, Digital Solutions, Inc.

It’s time to quit living below your individual and team potential…

When the team you lead finally grasps how the Four Fundamental Forces of Leadership - love, respect, service, and fun - affect outcomes, you will see results like never before!

  • Intentionality increases              
  • Relationships are stronger
  • Productivity grows
  • People stay with your organization
  • More internal promotions vs. hiring outside
  • Bottom line increases

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