Are you looking for a high-energy speaker that will entertain your team, as well as challenge them to new heights? Erik Beckler can help you unlock the potential of your organization through an understanding of the Four Fundament Forces of Leadership: Love, Service, Respect and Fun. Using his experience as a corporate executive and basketball coach, Erik provides insight and real-world exercises that will bring immediate and lasting results to your organization. 

Speaking and Keynote Topics

The Four Fundamental Forces of Leadership: Love, Service, Respect and Fun

Quality leaders, and quality organizations develop individuals and teams based on the Four Fundamental Forces of Leadership - Love, Respect, Service and Fun. These Forces, like the Fundamental Forces of Nature, are the components of creating unique and transformational forms that meet the needs of customers and fulfill an organization's mission.

Erik talks about his story of coming to recognize the Forces, how he's implemented them in his basketball and leadership coaching and how you can practice and build these forces in your leadership practice and in those across the organization.

Redefining Success and Leading Where it's Most Important

Organizations and leaders are, appropriately, focused on hitting key performance metrics. Unfortunately, those high-level targets are used as measures of whether or not they are successful.

Erik will help you redefine what success means and how you can focus your leadership practice and culture towards building an organization that is more sustainable and impactful.

Using the Four Fundamental Forces of Leadership to Better Connect with Millennials, Gen Z and through other 'differences'

Being able to effectively communicate with people of different generations, as well as teams and functions, is a critical component of being a successful leader that builds effective teams. However, there's a lot more complaining about differences and disconnects than finding common language and frequencies.

In this talk, Erik bridges the perceived gaps between generations and provides practical insights on how any person can practice communicating a multiple frequencies to Respect situations and find the extra 5% that's needed to transform organizations.


Marc Ohmann

CEO, Digital Solutions Inc

Erik's way of connecting Service with accountability and how I can practice it really made sense to me.

Mark Stignani

Partner and Ip analytics chair, amlaw 1000 law firm

The way Erik connects disparate concepts and puts them together simply and effectively is really unique.

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