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The way we’ve defined success in the past is just plain wrong. We’ve been measuring our success by how high we rank in industry evaluations, how much money we make compared to the past, and how our products and services stand up to others in the industry. Of course these measurements are important, but they are the result of our success, not the success itself. When we misunderstand this, our focus is misplaced, we can’t see the right way out of problems, and we struggle to meet goals.

REAL SUCCESS is building a business and culture that has more love, respect, service and fun.

The result of succeeding in this way will get you all those other wins, and your people will thrive!


As a basketball coach, I consistently see teams and players struggle to win, even when their will is strong, so I started asking the question - what’s different about winning teams and players? Are they faster or more talented? Do they put in more practice time? Do they have better strategies or drills?

The answer is maybe, but most teams do these things and are getting about the same results. Strategies and drills aren’t the game-changers. The big difference is the way they do the work and the way they show up every single day.

What happens in sport is the same as in business.

The Four Fundamental Forces of Leadership

I’ve built a model to help illustrate the four fundamental elements that are necessary for a truly winning strategy. Sure, you need strategy, programs, processes, and people. But the real victory comes when love, respect, service and fun permeate the work and are practiced at every level, every day.

I see it happen every time I deliver this content. Eyes open wider. Ears perk up. The room comes alive with understanding and ideas. Then, when they put these new practices into place, the energy shifts. People show up differently; teams work together in more powerful ways, and the measures of success you have will get blown out of the water.

How Does It Work for Your Team?

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“We had a blast working with you, Erik. Great practice lessons and a super engaging, inspiring session for our team. Thank you.”

Mike Wynne - President, Emerge Community Development

It’s time to quit living below your individual and team potential…

When the team you lead finally grasps how the Four Fundamental Forces of Leadership - love, respect, service, and fun - affect outcomes, you will see results like never before!

  • Intentionality increases              
  • Relationships are stronger
  • Productivity grows
  • People stay with your organization
  • More internal promotions vs. hiring outside
  • Bottom line increases

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