September 20

What Does it Mean to ‘Love’ at Work?


What?? Seriously?? Love AT work??

We can 'Love' our work, 'Love' what we do. But, we can't Love AT work! Loving our work and loving what we do are internally focused emotional constructs. These statements show how we feel inside. 

However, expressing and practicing Love at work is externally-focused. I'm not talking about romantic love here, but I am talking about love that connects us as humans. Love and connection, like water, air and food, are critically important for survival; we die without it.

How do we develop, build and express Love in the workplace and what are possible results? Demonstrating, and practicing, Love at work encompasses a number of components. Love for yourself, for those around you, for the organization, for your customers, for learning and developing all make up the Fundamental Force of Love. This Love is directed outwardly. It is humble. It is service-oriented. It is open and receptive.

Acting and behaving from a framework of Love allows us to acknowledge and walk with our fears and not let them control us. It allows us to see possibilities rather than finding reasons to say no. It gives us the freedom to find nuances and mutations in situations and systems that can take what we do forward in an accelerated manner.

Love opens up to supporting the inherent, and even unseen, potentials in others. It allows us to be more resilient to stress and even direct that stress towards higher performance.

But, Life is hard

The world is a tough place. What will demonstrating Love at work do? 

Take a look at other parts of your life. You express Love and connection there, don't you? You look to serve and help elsewhere, correct? Why treat at least a third of your day differently?

The changes, initially, will be subtle. Others will reciprocate. Meetings become more productive. You enjoy going into the office more. The company becomes more aligned to its mission and vision.

Sure, you might get burned sometimes. That doesn't usually stop you elsewhere. Why should it at work?


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